Seasonal Pairings

With the arrival of spring, fruit and vegetable stands are tinged with the most vibrant colors this season can offer, such as the bright green of peas and asparagus or the bright pink of radishes! Products that are beautiful to look at, but also rich in taste and loaded with all the nutrients necessary for the well-being of our bodies. Have you felt like preparing healthy and delicious pasta dishes made with these ingredients ? Discover the perfect seasonal pairings with the formats of Pasta di Gragnano IGP Di Martino!

Here is your cooking list:

Lumachine - Peas

Penne a candele, Lasagne - Artichokes

Mezzi canneroni, Orzo - Asparagus

Margheritine, Ditalini lisci - Broad Beans

Eliche Giganti - Squash Flowers

Spaghetti - Zucchini
Abbinamenti di stagione: Giugno