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Seasonal foods to combine with Pasta

Four seasons pasta, all the goodness of nature at the table

Each season brings with it special ingredients: from tasty tomatoes that we can enjoy in the summer to spinach that warms us up in the winter. For this reason, we want to enhance the unique flavor of each ingredient by combining it with the right pasta shape. Let's learn together to eat with taste following the seasonality of nature!


With its wonderful flavors and colors, autumn takes us back to the kitchen with more elaborate and tasty preparations. Green light for timbales and baked pasta made with pumpkin, mushrooms and sumptuous béchamel.

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Warm your heart during winter with tasty and hearty pasta! Vegetable soups and creamy first courses with legumes, the perfect comfort food to face the winter cold!

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Enhance the spring and delicate flavors by preparing a delicious pasta with zucchini flowers or fresh peas. An explosion of flavors and tastes to celebrate the season at its best!

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Enjoy the summer with summer greens for a burst of freshness! Create a light and flavorful pasta with ripe tomatoes, crunchy peppers and succulent aubergines. A riot of taste for an unforgettable summer!

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