Moka Coffee Machine - Green

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For lovers of the pleasure of real coffee, a great Italian classic: the moka. Coffee with a moka is not just a coffee: it is a real ritual to be experienced right from the preparation, when the smell is still that of roasted ground coffee, until waiting for the gurgling of the water that accompanies the notes of coffees that envelop the air and make us understand that it's finally ready! The Prestige Verde coffee maker is the right choice for coffee lovers who seek perfection in preparation by combining a colorful look with character

The Moka Prestige Verde coffee maker is suitable for all types of hobs except induction. It is sturdy and durable. In the assortment you will find the Moka Prestige La Verde for one, two, three or six cups. The mocha can be cleaned quickly and easily with clean hot water

Fill the boiler up to the valve and no further. If possible, use water that is not too hard. Fill the filter with coffee up to the edge without pressing. Place on the stove over low heat. Turn off the heat as soon as the mocha starts to mutter. Wait a few more moments for all the coffee to settle. Enjoying hot coffee

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