Shape of the month - Tortiglioni

No, actually they are not called Fusilli! In the Gragnano tradition, the Tortiglioni are the typical shape "twisted" around itself, whose shape allows all the sauces to be collected in a unique way.

Tortiglioni are a format of the Gragnano tradition

One of the most loved pasta shapes for its hypnotic spiral shape which wraps the sauce well inside, enhancing its flavour, Tortiglioni are to be enjoyed in combination with simple and flavourful Italian recipes.

How to cook Tortiglioni?

Cooking times

In 10 minutes al dente

Pair it with:

Fish, meat, vegetables and cheeses

Cooking methods

Creamed, Baked and Salad

Recipes with Tortiglioni

Tortiglioni with pesto salad and cherry tomatoes
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Tortiglioni with peas, broad beans, new onion and pork cheek