Pasta al forno

Baked pasta


For a baked pasta that pleases all diners, cook the pasta in plenty of boiling salted water for just over halfway through cooking, then drain and keep it in a bowl.

You now have two alternatives:

1. If you have a format that is not suitable for filling, such as Fusillata Casareccia or Tortiglioni for example, you can mix it directly with the sauce (for example the tomato puree or the bechamel that you have prepared separately) and then put all the mixture in a baking dish. . You can create layers by placing slices of mozzarella in the center for a stringy and irresistible result and plenty of grated Parmesan on top for a crunchy crust.

2. If you have chosen a format like Paccheri or Conchiglioni, perfect for accommodating other ingredients inside them, you can stuff them one by one with a creamy mixture based on ricotta and seasonal vegetables or simple pieces of mozzarella. At this point, transfer all the strands of pasta into a baking dish with a little tomato sauce or bechamel sauce on the bottom, placing them next to each other. Cover with plenty of sauce and a sprinkle of Parmesan.
In both cases, place the pan with the pasta in the oven and cook at around 180 ° C until the surface is golden and crunchy. Baking pasta in the oven not only allows you to have a dish ready to reheat when friends arrive, but it also helps to consume the ingredients you have in the fridge and not waste them. There are endless combination possibilities, just let your creativity run wild!

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